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*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75

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What are the electrical specs of your CCFLs?
The electrical specifications (voltages, brightness, current, color temperature, and life rating) are available on the item page for each of our individual CCFLs (below 700mm in length). Electrical specs on other items and backlight assemblies can be provided upon request.
I replaced the backlights in my screen, why is it still not lighting up?
If you have installed a new CCFL backlight into your LCD, and it is still not lighting up, here are some things to check:
  1. The CCFL backlight you installed is the proper replacement for your screen. If the replacement backlight you installed in your screen is different from the original backlight, this could be causing your problem. Double-check that the replacement CCFL you installed in your screen is the same length, and diameter as your original. If you installed a backlight assembly, make sure the wire length, connector type, and shape of the end caps all match as well.
  2. Problems with the CCFL repair. If you replaced your CCFL lamp only, and re-used your wires, connectors, and end caps, check your solder joints making sure wires have not become loose or detached, also check that the solder joint is well insulated, if there are significant tears in your silicone end caps, this could be causing your problem.
  3. Problems with the installation of the CCFL. Double-check that the new backlight assembly is sitting in the screen properly. That the liquid crystal is sitting above the backlight, and that there is nothing in the way of CCFL lamps.
  4. If all of these steps check-out, but your backlight is still not illuminating, replacing your power inverter will be your next step in the repair.

The replacement CCFL I put in my TV is too bright. How do I fix this?
A little time will fix this problem. New CCFLs in your TV can be brighter than the originals at first, this will result in a bright spot or strip on your screen. The new lamps soon burn in though, and the screen will be evenly lit after a bit of use, usually a few days to a week.
How can I test my CCFL to know if it’s bad?
The only real way to test a CCFL is to put it into another LCD, the same model as your own, that is known to be working, and see if the CCFL works.  If your screen is simply not lighting up, and has not suffered other damage (such as being dropped), it is very likely your CCFL is the cause. Typical symptoms of an aging or failed lamp include flickering, low light output, pinkish hue to the screen, the screen goes dark a few moments after start-up, or simply inconsistency with the lighting of the LCD display.
Can I get an MSDS for your backlights?
There are no safety concerns with CCFLs. MSDSs can be provided upon request.

 Wiring a CCFL Backlight Example Video:


LCD Backlight Repair Video:


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