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Help International

Do you ship internationally?
We do ship internationally. The cost of shipment will depend on your location and the items you are purchasing. You will be able to view international shipping options in the order check-out.
Do you have any distributors in Europe? Canada?
We do not have any distributors in Canada or Europe. All our items are shipped from our US warehouse.  We do ship internationally though.
What will the duties and taxes cost be on my international order?
Duties and taxes for an order will be calculated and charged by your local customs authority, and we do not have information on what each customs office charges. For more information on duties and taxes on our products, contact your local customs authority.
How can I get a commercial or customs invoice for my order?
A commercial invoice and all necessary customs paperwork are included with the shipment of every international order. Also, when you place your order on our site a copy of your order is automatically e-mailed to you. If your business or custom’s authority requires further paperwork, contact us at sales@plazmo.com with detailed instructions on what the needed paperwork should include, and we can make it for you.


Help International Help International Help International
Help International Help International Help International