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Vending and Ticketing Machines

Vending machines and ticketing machines get a lot of use each and every day. Unfortunately, using a machine that often leads to wear and tear and can be hard on the LCD screen. When the screen starts dimming, flickering or goes out altogether, you may be able to replace just the CCFL backlight bulbs behind. Instead of replacing the entire terminal or even the entire screen, your repair may be able to be done by just replacing the CCFL or LED light behind the screen.

Plazmo is your go-to place for CCFL and LED backlight bulbs and assemblies. Contact the experts at Plazmo will help you find the right bulb or assembly for your vending and ticketing machine, lottery terminals and ticket dispensers also. If the CCFL backlight bulb you need is a hard-to-find or unique, Plazmo offers custom light bulb designs and will handle the development and prototyping process for you. Along with custom CCFL backlight bulb designs, Plazmo offers CCFL to LED conversions. Using LED backlights in LCD screens can extend the life of the LCD screen and offer a longer working life than CCFL bulbs do.

Whether you’re looking to replace the backlight bulb in one vending machine or ticketing machine or to replace thousands of bulbs, Plazmo can meet your needs. There are thousands of CCFL and LED backlight bulbs and assemblies in stock and ready to ship.  

Check out our FAQ page to see some of the most common questions about CCFL backlights.  Take a look and see if replacing the backlight is something you could do to save money and keep your vending machine and ticketing machine screens in the best working condition.

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