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Behind the screen of your marine navigation, chartplotter, depth finder, fish finder, instrument bridge, radar screens or GPS equipment on your boat, yacht or merchant vessel is a small light bulb (backlight) that illuminates the entire screen. When that backlight starts to burn out or flickers, you can replace the entire panel at a high cost, or you can replace only the backlight at a more reasonable cost. Plazmo manufactures the replacement CCFL and LED backlights needed for marine equipment. Plazmo even carries some of the most popular backlight assemblies for fish finders, marine navigation and other marine equipment.

If you need a hard-to-find assembly, contact one of Plazmo’s experts for a custom order. We will take care of everything from the prototyping to the development process to ensure your new backlight will be the perfect fit. Plazmo even offers CCFL to LED conversions, which allows you to update the backlight assembly in your equipment to a light with a longer life.

Whether you’re looking for one or two backlight replacements or assemblies or thousands, Plazmo can meet your needs. When an LCD screen goes out, replacing the light is a much easier fix than many imagine it might be.  Replacing the CCFL backlight is an easy cost saving repair. Instead of replacing the whole screen or, worse, the entire system, you can just replace the light behind the screen. Manage the repair process yourself by purchasing just the raw lamp and perform a little soldering on our own, or simplify the repair process by buying one of our complete drop-in assemblies with the wiring and connectors already included. Check out our FAQ page for additional information on CCFL and LED backlights and assemblies.

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