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We make your LCD repairs easy.

Every LCD screen eventually fails, usually due to the backlight behind the screens. That is why we have a backlight solution for every LCD screen on the market. Plazmo currently has the single largest global stock of drop-in CCFL and LED backlight assemblies.

Each of our assemblies comes complete with a pre-wired harness, OEM connector plug, silicone end caps and an optional metal rail. Nearly every LCD screen has a unique model design and we have developed the molds and manufacturing specifically to fit more than 200,000 LCD screen models in use today.

Plazmo also has robust manufacturing capabilities and specializes in perfectly replicating OEM backlight assemblies. Using our LED and CCFL backlight assemblies, we pass on savings to our customers while helping keep their LCD screens running smoothly.

Custom-designed backlight solutions are also available through Plazmo. Our experts will work with you to design, prototype and manufacture custom LED and CCFL backlight assemblies. Our custom LED and CCFL backlight assemblies can help you save thousands of hours in labor and ultimately help you lower your equipment operating costs. Contact us today and let us find the best solution to meet your needs!

LED and CCFL backlight assembly with wire harness and connector


We've updated our website by leaps and bounds.

Since 2002 we have served thousands of customers from our legacy site: CCFLWarehouse.com. In 2017 we launched a new, modern platform in order to best satisfy the needs of our customers.

At Plazmo.com, you're at the right place to find hundreds of LCD screen backlights and assemblies in stock today. Both of our websites, CCFL Warehouse and Plazmo, offer complete access to CCFL backlights, LED backlights, and assemblies. You will also find a wide variety of backlight accessories on both of our sites as well: connectors, wires, harnesses, specialty parts and more are available for all of your LCD repair needs.






We've tried many different backlight suppliers over the years and have found Plazmo to have the best quality at the best price.

One of the world's largest ATM manufacturers

I love that I can email Andrew at Plazmo with my large or small purchase orders and he's able to ship same day.

Reputable east coast repair depot

The engineering team at Plazmo quickly developed a universal replacement solution for our wide network of ticket vending machines.  My boss is still amazed by the cost savings.

Large metropolitan subway transit authority

Mail-in Repair Service

Don't have the time, tools, or patience to repair CCFL lamp assemblies? Let our technicians handle it for you.

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