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*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75
*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75

Custom LCD Repair & New Product Development

Your Design, Our Expertise.Prototype Process


Step 1 - Samples or Ideas

Provide us with a sample of the product for which you would like Plazmo to create a custom LCD repair. Whether it’s a CCFL backlight, LED backlight or a touchscreen product, we will be able to work on the development and prototyping. If you don’t have access to the product, providing drawings, sketches and/or specifications can help us proceed through the development and prototyping stages.

Step 2 - CAD Drawing & Approval

Once we have the information and specifications necessary, Plazmo will develop drawings (Gerber) and plans. These plans will be emailed to you as a PDF of both the drawings and the specifications file for you to review and approve.

Step 3 - Mold & Prototype Development

After our team of experts receives approval on the plans, Plazmo will begin prototyping your CCFL or LED lights. We build the prototypes and provide you with three (3) sample pieces. The reason we provide you with the samples is so that you have the chance to check them and test the samples in your environment and equipment. Once we send the samples, we will also provide a minimum order quantity (if applicable) as well as a per-piece price.

The entire design, development and prototyping process usually take three to four (3-4) weeks. If the design needs to be changed or altered, Plazmo’s experts will repeat steps one through three (1-3) until the product is perfect for your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.