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ATM Backlight Products

ATMs are constantly in use which means the LCD screen is always on. With that much use, the lightbulb behind the LCD screen will eventually fail and need to be repaired. But, replacing the entire LCD terminal can be costly, especially if you have to service thousands of ATMs. Replacing the backlight bulbs behind the LCD screen can be much more cost effective.

Plazmo manufactures and sells the CCFL and LED light bulbs that are used as backlight bulbs to illuminate LCD screen. CCFL lights are designed to be high brightness and high-quality to work with machines indoors and outdoors, just like ATMs.

No matter what your CCFL light bulb needs are, Plazmo can meet them. If you’re looking for a hard to find CCFL bulb, you can even submit a custom order. Plazmo’s experts will handle the development and prototyping processes behind creating a custom CCFL backlight or a CCFL to LED backlight conversion. These kinds of conversions allow you to update the backlight assembly in your equipment’s LCD screen to a light bulb that offers a longer working life.

Whether you’re looking to replace the backlight bulbs in one ATM terminal or thousands, Plazmo can meet your needs. We have thousands of products in stock and ready to ship, plus we offer the expertise to help guide you through the buying process or custom design process.

The repair process for most CCFL backlights isn’t too difficult and offers quite a bit of cost-savings. Check out our FAQ page to see some of the most common questions about CCFL backlights.  Take a look and see if replacing the backlight is something you could do to save money and keep your ATM screens in the best working condition.

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