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*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75
*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75

Casino and Gaming Lighting Products

Backlit gaming consoles and casino games are some of the hardest working products at a casino. Plazmo products are tested and proven to last longer than many OEM replacement parts. Everything we offer is manufactured by Plazmo, so we are proud to stand behind our designs.

Plazmo even offers custom CCFL backlight development and prototyping. Among those customizations, we can often upgrade CCFL backlights to LED strips. That can even add to the longevity of your backlight bulbs. Replacing and extending the life of your game and casino backlighting can help save your company money in the long run. Plus, cutting the down time of each and every game and slot machine means more time for those games to be earning revenue.

CCFL backlights do have a lifespan and when you’re talking about casino games, where they remain on for the majority of a day and are in use for hours at a time, the backlight lamps are likely to burn out faster. But, having to replace the entire LCD screen panel, or worse, the entire gaming console, is expensive and adds up quickly when you’re looking at thousands of screens. Replacing the CCFL backlight bulb is a much more cost-effective repair.

Plazmo has thousands of products in stock. Whether you’re looking for CCFL backlights or LED replacements, one replacement lamp or thousands of lamps, Plazmo can accommodate your needs and help you find the right assembly for whatever you’re looking for. If Plazmo does not stock the exact backlight and assembly for your casino or games, our experts will work with you to design and prototype the perfect fitting CCFL or LED solution.

Many of our gaming solutions also work with Lottery ticket machines and state Lottery terminals found in many convenience stations.


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