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Touch Screen For Bally Iview 6.2 Hitachi #tx16D11Vm2Cca Touchscreen

5 Wire Touch Screen for Bally iVIEW 6.2" Hitachi #TX16D11VM2CCA

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This is a touch screen replacement that has been custom designed to replace the touch screen in a 6.2" screen.  This is a drop-in replacement and includes the 5 wire connector.  Comes installed with double-sided adhesive tape.

This screen is used in the 5 Wire Touchscreen replacement for Bally Iview SDS and Oasis player tracking used in Aristocrat Sentinel III

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• For the last 15+ years, Plazmo Industries has been providing premium CCFL lamps, LED strips & bars, touch screens and complete backlight assemblies for the most demanding of LCD applications. Why replace the entire LCD screen when you can repair it for a fraction of the cost? Use Plazmo's high quality repair components to fix your LCD screen.

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• Depending on the application's use and volume, touch screen panels can wear out from daily operation. Many factors come into play such as outdoor elements, oils from fingers, heavy stylus use, mineral spirits, alcohol, fuel, gasoline and other fluids. When the touch screen impacts the utility of the device or the customer experience, it's time to look at replacement. The good news is replacing a touch screen is much more cost effective than replacing the entire LCD screen