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*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75
*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75


CCFL backlights are in many areas within your vehicle. From headlights to behind the navigation touchscreen to even behind the instrument cluster. While CCFL and LED lights are built and designed to continue running for thousands of hours, sometimes the lights falter. Dealerships and vehicle repair centers could easily stock up on backlights to simplify the repair process and ensure customers get the longest possible life out of their cars. Or, if you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can replace the backlight yourself and save yourself some money.

Along those same lines, if you’re restoring a classic car or upgrading some of the electrical work, replacing a CCFL backlight bulb or two might be perfectly up your alley. You can even check out some of our FAQ page information to see if it’s a repair or upgrade you’ll be able to do in the garage.

Plazmo offers hundreds of different CCFL and LED backlight bulbs and assemblies to complete your project. From full spectrum CCFL lamps to shaped backlights built for Mercedes-Benz instrument clusters, Plazmo offers it all. But, if you don’t see the backlight you need, call us. Our experts will work with you to create a custom backlight bulb to bring your car back to life, or even better, amp up a car restoration. With the CCFL backlight customization, Plazmo will take on the design and prototyping of the product, so you can ensure it’ll be the right fit for your vehicle repair or upgrade. If you’re looking to get a longer life out of your backlights, Plazmo also offers custom CCFL to LED conversions. LED backlights are known to last longer and therefore, need to be replaced or repaired less often.