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Universal LED Backlight Kit for 10-24 LCD Panels LED Assembly

Universal LED Backlight Kit for 10"-24" LCD Panels

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This is a universal LED kit that includes 2 high brightness LED strips, a driver/inverter, and a wire harness.  The LED strips can be easily trimmed in designated increments every 3 LEDs, to fit any size LCD from 10"-24". This is known as a cut-to-fit model.

LED Strip Specifications:

Dimensions:  540x4x3mm
LED quantity:  63
LED size:  3528
Connector:  2 pin JST

LED Driver/Inverter Specifications:

Dimensions:  7cm x 2cm
Input:  9-30V
Output:  9.6V
Dimmable, connect to the ADJ pin to allow dimming
Pin assignments definition, from Red to Black in the picture:

  1. V IN, 9-30V (red)
  2. ON/OFF (yellow)
  3. ADJ Dimming (yellow)
  4. GND Ground (black)
Make sure you have an appropriate power supply before installing.

This LED bar is suitable for both LED and CCFL backlight replacements.

This product is commonly used for replacing backlights in a variety of different LCD panels found in gaming machines, POS, ATM and many other applications.