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CCFL Backlight for a 10.4" Toshiba LTM10C25, LTM10C21, and LTM10C39 Screens

SKU: CC26225

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This is a single straight 225mm long CCFL backlight for a 10.4" Toshiba LTM10C25, LTM10C21, and LTM10C39. These screens use 2 of this CCFL.

Lamp Current: 6±0.5 mA
Running voltage: 342v ac and Starting voltage: 732v ac
Brightness: 35000cdm²
Color Temperature: 7800 Kelvin (X=0.301 and Y=0.295)
Life Rating: 30000hours

For the last 15+ years, Plazmo Industries has been providing premium CCFL lamps, LED strips & bars, touch screens and complete backlight assemblies for the most demanding of LCD applications. Why replace the entire LCD screen when you can repair it for a fraction of the cost? Use Plazmo's high quality repair components to fix your dark or dim LCD screen. If you don't see the backlight you are looking for listed, please contact us about our custom capabilities.