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Custom Raw Lamps - 50-600Mm Ccfl Lamp

Custom Raw Lamps - 50-599mm

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Product Description

For our customers who are unable to find the CCFL size they need amongst our stock inventory, custom sized CCFLs are available.

Diameter and length should be provided in millimeters. Our length reference is from glass-end to glass-end of the CCFL, the entire glass length (remove rubber caps), do not include the solder joint in your measurement.

Lead time for custom items is 3 weeks from order date.

This item is for CCFLs BETWEEN THE LENGTHS OF 50MM and 599MM ONLY. If your CCFL is longer than 600mm please choose the correct custom CCFL item for your length. This item also does not cover shaped CCFLs.

Make sure that the information that you provide is accurate as custom orders are not refundable.