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*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75
*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75


If you are familiar with this industry then you are likely aware of the very high cost of replacement terminals when the original LCD's begin to fail.  One of our customers, a nationwide department store chain, approached us 10 years ago about the feasibility of supplying a large volume of CCFL backlights to use in the re-lamping of their POS terminals.  

Our customer was facing a crucial financial dilemma.  With just over 60,000 POS terminals in use and having just purchased these terminals a few years earlier, these units had monitors that were beginning to fail due to expired backlights.  This is common in LCD screens; eventually the lamp goes out and needs to be replaced.  The cost to replace the LCD screen for each terminal was close to $500 each which amounted to approximately $30 million capital expenditure to replace all terminals.

However, their lead technician did some research and contacted us at Plazmo.  We invited him to work with our engineering team and together we were able to develop a custom drop-in replacement assembly.  The design included the lamp, harness and connector that makes for very easy swap out.  The customer was able to use their in-house team to complete the repairs for a tremendous cost savings.

Since this project, many similar retail chain organizations have contacted Plazmo to take advantage of our LCD replacement solutions.

Whether you have the need for a single backlight assembly or several thousand, Plazmo Industries can meet your needs.  We have most products in stock, ready to ship, as well as the expertise to help guide you through any custom project.

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