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*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75
*FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $25 and International orders over $75

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Replacing LCD Backlights

Save Money, By Saving Your Display

In only 20 minutes, and in a few easy steps, Plazmo's quality parts will save you the Thousands it would cost for a new LCD unit.

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Upgrading LCD Backlights to LED

Extend and enhance the life and quality of your display by converting your backlights from CCFL lamps to new LEDs. Upgrade in minutes with our New Cut-to-fit Conversion Kit below!

Universal CCFL to LED Backlight Conversion Kit

  • LED Strips can be easily trimmed to fit any size LCD that measures between 10" and 27"
  • 2 Different cut-to-fit models. 10-24" and 19-27". Make sure to shop the correct kit for your display
  • Includes 2 high brightness LED strips, driver/inverter, and a wire harness.

How to Upgrade

Click our interactive installation guide for a quick and easy tutorial on how you can convert your screen today!

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All Products

Shop by Industry

Shop products for your specific industry/application, specially curated for easy searching. Click the below for the products you need!

CCFL Lamps - $9.95+

OEM replacement CCFL Lamps. We either stock, or have the capability to develop backlights for almost any LCD panel in the world.


CCFL Assemblies - $16.95+

Drop-in replacement CCFL Assemblies for any application: medical, gaming, POS, vending, avionics, ATM and many more.

Shop Assemblies

LED Backlights -$9.95+

Worldwide leader in LED backlight replacement technology, with hundreds of products in stock.

Shop LED

Touch Screens

If you service or repair LCD machines, you can save big $ by using our replacement components. If we don't stock the screen, we can develop one for your sepcific needs.

Shop Touchscreens

Design Your Custom Product

We currently stock over 1 million LCD Products, but that is only the start... Finding low-cost solutions for the countless LCD Displays on the market can seem impossible; But at Plazmo, we make it easy...

Once we have your new product, we will stock as much as you need for future orders.

Want more info? Text or Call Austin today!


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