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Universal Lens Led Replacement For Hdtv Convex Lens Led Assembly

Universal Lens LED Replacement for HDTV

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LEDs for TV repair. 

Does your HDTV need new LEDs? These individual LEDs are ideal.

Why buy whole new LED strips, when you can repair them by replacing only the LEDs that are actually burned out. 

Choose between concave and convex lens style. These are the most common LED styles used in LED TVs. 

How to replace:

STEP 1: Find the bad LED in the strip. Cut the strip on either side of the bad lens, and remove it.

Replace LED

STEP 2: Link the new LED lens to the LED strip with short wires.

You can also connect the LEDs in series:

LED in series


Buy High Voltage wire here

Technical Data:
1. LED chip size: 3.0mm x 3.0mm x 0.6T
2. LED chip input voltage: 2.8-3.6V
3. LED chip current: 500mA
4. LED power consumption (Type): 1.6W
5. Brightness: >= 140 Lm
6. Color coordinates: X= 0.0625-0.2717, Y= 0.2450-0.2650

We recommend a minimum distance of 17mm for concave and 25mm for convex from the end of plastic lens to the screen within the panel to achieve a uniform surface light.