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15 SAW Touchscreen compatible with ELO With controller Touchscreen

17" SAW Touchscreen compatible with ELO

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17" SAW Touchscreen compatible with ELO. 

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch screens were developed mainly to address the drawbacks of low light transmittance in resistive film touch panels.  Aside from standalone LCD monitors, these are widely used in public spaces, in devices like point-of-sale terminals, ATMs, and electronic kiosks.

The internal structure of these panels is designed so that multiple piezoelectric transducers arranged in the corners of a glass substrate transmit ultrasound surface elastic waves as vibrations in the panel surface, which are received by transducers installed opposite the transmitting ones.

The strengths of this type of touch panel include high light transmittance and superior visibility, since the structure requires no film or transparent electrodes on the screen. Weak points include compatibility with only fingers and soft objects (such as gloves) that absorb ultrasound surface elastic waves. These panels require special-purpose styluses and may react to substances like water drops or small insects on the panel.