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Repair vs Replace LCD panels

LCD Panels: Why Would You Replace the Entire LCD Panel When You Can Simply Repair It for a Fraction of the Cost?


Repair Vs Replace Lcd Panels

Repairing an LCD panel is much cheaper than replacing the entire LCD panel.

  • LCD panels are mostly made of components that last a long time – it’s merely the light bulb, known as the backlight lamp, that typically burns out and/or causes the screen to go dim. Why would you replace the panel when you can replace the backlight for a fraction of the cost? Do you throw away your car when your headlamp burns out?
  • The cost of a new panel is 15-20X the cost of replacing the backlight. New panels range from $350-500, whereas new replacement lamps range from $10-50 and will extend the life of the existing panel for another 3-5 years. That’s a savings of 75% or more!!


Repair Vs Replace Lcd Panels

The time it takes to complete a backlight replacement is minimal. The total cost of labor and parts is much more cost effective than replacing the panel entirely.

  • Often, it’s difficult to source an exact panel replacement. Hong Kong based brokers/sellers aren’t always trustworthy and panel quality is difficult to determine until it’s too late. In addition, lead times are often long or unknown.
  • Plazmo stocks thousands of varieties of backlights – both CCFL and LED. Our warehouse is centrally located in the Midwest and we ship same day. When you or your customer’s mission critical LCD panel fails, you can rely on Plazmo to have the parts you need to get you up and running in no time. Can’t find your panel on our site? No problem, we can custom develop a drop-in solution in a few weeks time – just send us your sample and we will evaluate your piece and return it free of charge!

The average time it takes a technician to replace a backlight assembly is 30 minutes

The average time is takes a technician to repair a backlight assembly is 30 minutes

The average total time of repair & replacement is 60 minutes. However, if you purchase plug-n-play backlight assemblies from Plazmo, you can cut your labor cost in half!

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Repair Vs Replace Lcd Panels

Provide your customers an option to extend the life of their LCD hardware, while also providing them valuable savings. Often, the end-user is not aware of repair as an option; now you can show your customer you have their best interests in mind by offering a repair solution as a viable option when compared to expensive full panel replacement. Plazmo stocks thousands of replacement CCFL and LED backlights for hundreds of different LCD panels, and everything ships from our Midwest warehouse to help ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

  • Our backlights are premium quality and designed to last even longer than OEM backlights. Our standard lamps are rated for a 50,000-hour life under ideal conditions. This is at the very top of the range you will see in the industry (OEM backlights are typically rated for 20,000 – 30,000 hours of service in ideal conditions)
  • Repair LCD panels used in many applications including: ATM Machines, Automotive, Gaming/Casino, Point of Sale (POS), Gas/Fuel Pumps, Avionic Cockpit Instruments & Seat-back In-Flight Entertainment screens, Medical Imaging Devices & Equipment, Vending and Ticketing Machines, Industrial Machines (HMI), Marine GPS and cockpit navigation screens, Fitness Equipment with built-in displays, and many more.

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